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Personalizing an Annual Campaign Strategy

We uncovered the critical needs and desires of 401(k) workplace plan participants to inform how we reimagined and personalized a human-centered experience tailored to each of the 10 million participants.


Reestablish and modernize the annual communication strategy as a source of business growth and brand connection that naturally inspires engagement to the desired action of service enrollment.


Conduct over thirty qualitative interviews and a quantitative survey with 250+ participants to uncover communication expectations to develop an authentic campaign strategy, new platforms, and tools rooted in research insights.

Moments that Matter

Fundamental truths emerged for our three primary participant segments based on their investment confidence, financial acumen, motivations, and preferences—helping us deliver and design content based on a persona and navigate complexity. Segmentation insights influenced the messaging hierarchy and personalized recommendations within a reimagined retirement hub. This ensured that critical questions were answered and easy to explore for each segment. We learned that participants are craving an experience to guide them through these questions better:

  • How am I doing financially?
  • So what does this mean?
  • What are my next steps?
Conceptual Application of the Campaign Strategy
"You've been a wonderful partner throughout, making the challenging feel achievable and the unknown feel possible."
VP, Communications
Wealth Planning Firm


The reimagined annual communication strategy aims to improve participant financial outcomes by driving a 25% increase in engagement. All signs point to a successful campaign, increased engagement, and positive results for our client.

Conceptual Application Only

Key Deliverables

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