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Passionate about empathetic collaboration that fuels your
growth and inspires your team.


We partner with your team to define strategy, improve experiences, and create new businesses.

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Explore new opportunities with our customer-centric strategy and service design team.

It All Started With a Dream


Co-Create the

Kristin Pardue and Brad von Bank founded Rêve Consulting in 2009, seeing the need to create a new breed of consultancy, one that co-creates the future as partners. During their corporate careers, they led enterprise transformation efforts leveraging methodologies from design thinking to Six Sigma.


They learned how to design for customers’ needs, garner buy-in from all levels of the organization, and deliver new products and services. When it came to working with outside partners on these efforts, the ones that stood out were smart and empathetic, and they were the exception.


Kristin and Brad started Rêve to be different and approach challenges with integrated methodologies and lots of heart. Their vision was to help innovative leaders lead teams, respect organizations’ unique cultures, and create market-ready solutions. And that’s why our clients keep coming back to work with us—because they trust us as partners who have their best interest at heart.


Our Name is
Our Promise

Rêve is much more than what we call ourselves or the sign on our building. It’s French for “dream,” and it’s what we are dedicated to bringing to life for you and your teams. We co-create solutions your customers will love. But we don’t stop there. We also can help you transform how you work – teaching your team new skills and methods to solve problems – so that they love their jobs more when we work together.


Our People are
Our Business

When you work with Rêve, we are committed to your success. Each engagement is run by strategy experts, service design pioneers, and digital natives who solve your problems like they are their own.


Our team understands you have a lot at stake when you hire us. We work with an impressive roster of talented clients with BIG goals. We hire team members with a track in client-facing roles from notable agencies and Fortune 100 organizations. They know what it takes to deliver results inside complex organizations – see our results. Our team is comfortable working with you, whether it’s in the board room or a virtual working session.


Creative. Engaging. Smart.
Professional. Passionate. Approachable.

These are the words that clients use to describe us. They’ve hired us time and time again because of our people. Since our inception, we’ve partnered with over forty clients to deliver 300+ projects.
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Purpose Driven
at Our Core

You don’t have to look hard to see the impact we make in our community. We are committed to bringing out the best in people, teams, and communities. We work hard to advance DEI efforts as an organization, creating a place of belonging for all. You can feel proud bringing in a Women-Owned Business and Certified B Corp™ to help you transform your organization.