Strategy // Visual Storytelling

Visualizing How People, Process, and Technology Enable Success at a Multinational Corporation

Leveraging our visual strategy and storytelling skills, we helped business leaders across the organization better understand a complicated IT ecosystem.

Our client was the IT organization of a highly diversified industrial and consumer products company. IT supports multiple business units across 60+ countries, and the ecosystem of IT platforms, applications, and data stores are immensely complex. In the midst of a multi-year ERP implementation and a re-platforming of the global website with tens of thousands of products, IT was responsible for a B2B e-commerce platform that turns several billions of dollars per year as well as an enterprise-wide CRM and marketing cloud platforms from different vendors.

Many business unit leaders didn’t fully appreciate how these various IT systems were integrated, the capabilities that each enabled, or the value that it provided to the larger corporation—and to their customers. IT leadership asked Rêve to help develop a technology ecosystem view that included process flows and integrations in a way that could be understood by business leaders without compromising details and specificity.


The client needed a quick turn-around, so we faced this challenge head on and dove deep into complexity to uncover simplicity.

Our team relied on our deep knowledge of technology systems and worked alongside the IT leaders to document the processes and systems, the value that IT provided, and key messages that needed to be communicated to an audience of senior leaders.

Through a series of rapid co-creation sessions, we built a simple framework and iterated upon the details through constructive feedback sessions with the client. A synthesis of the discussions and insights generated wireframes that visually represented the depth of IT’s ecosystem within the organization. In less than one week, Rêve delivered a final visual that was used to clearly demonstrate to senior executives how various IT systems combined to create a value proposition that permeated the entire organization.

When the simple yet impactful view of the IT ecosystem was socialized, there were ‘aha’ moments when senior leaders finally understood how large, complicated (and expensive) IT systems are linked to boost productivity and serve customers. The view also generated empathy with respect to the complexity and number of different systems and interfaces a single user may need to manage.






Key Activities
Research + Ideation

// In-person + phone
conversations with IT leaders

Prototyping + Feedback

// Wireframe + Concepts
// Agile workstyle


// Review + approval from
engagement team and sponsor