Strengthening a Fortune 100’s Digital Marketing Capabilities

Over the course of two months, Rêve partnered with a Fortune 100 company to develop a strategic plan for strengthening its digital marketing culture and skills.

The Opportunity:

In November 2015, we partnered with an organization that operates in B2B and B2C markets in 70 countries to identify gaps in their digital marketing capabilities, and to strategize how to develop and leverage these capabilities to better serve customers in the U.S. and globally.

Key Activities


  • Internal Stakeholder Interviews
  • Journey Map


  • Opportunity Statements
  • Idea Cards


  • 2016 Plan Activity Development + Prioritization
  • Customized Digital Marketing Capability Framework
  • Presentation Deck for Executive Audiences

Approach and Results

Over nine weeks, Rêve led a cross-functional core team including marketing, operations, IT, and product leaders in building a plan that would strengthen the organization’s digital capabilities over the next calendar year. Because our client was in the midst of a global platform transition, this work was a key enterprise priority.

We kicked off the project by conducting interviews with relevant stakeholder groups to determine the existing strengths and opportunities related to digital marketing. We also identified barriers that were preventing employees from gaining or growing skills. During these conversations, we used Rêve’s digital capability framework to identify organizational gaps in a holistic and comprehensive manner.

After surveying the current state, we worked with the core team to co-create solutions that addressed opportunities uncovered by the interviews. These ideas became the basis for a year-long plan to increase digital marketing maturity at the organization. The plan included 10 critical workstreams spanning training, communications, and process improvements. By identifying ownership, dependencies, and timing for key workstreams and activities, Rêve created a clear and actionable plan for execution.

To help ensure plan resourcing and adoption, we also worked with the client team to develop an executive presentation that would be delivered at key leadership and marketing events.

Early results reflect well on Rêve’s strategic recommendations: seven out of nine proposed initiatives have already begun.


  • 23 internal stakeholder interviews
  • 41 key interview insights + 1 internal marketer journey map
  • 48 plan activity idea cards
  • 10 actionable plan workstreams
  • 1 executive presentation