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Redesigning A Welcome Experience for Millions of Members

We partnered with a large member-based organization to redesign the way they welcomed their customers.

As a large member-based organization, our client touched millions of lives – every day. But their new customers weren’t entirely satisfied with how they were welcomed by the organization, so our client was looking for a better way to engage them at and after the point of purchase.


We knew that committing to our clients’ service was a big, emotional decision that would affect customers’ financial and personal future. But our field research showed that once they had made their purchase, many customers lost confident in their choice, while they waited to receive their first communication from our client.

In today’s omnichannel, one-click world, customers expect instant confirmation and validation of their decision, so the solution seemed easy. However, we learned that due to their complex operational and regulatory environment, our client had systems and processes in place that didn’t allow them to immediately put new customer data to good use.

Over the course of 14 weeks, we held 11 working sessions with participants from across multiple functions of the organization, including marketing, operations and IT. Together, we set business objectives, researched the competitive landscape, and determined the design factors that would guide our touch point redesign. From our research, we knew that customers expected the experience to be easy, offer support and be relevant.

With this in mind, we co-created a compelling vision of the future consumer experience that was focused on building confidence. It included digital and physical welcome kits and better guidance on how to easily and effectively use the product.

Knowing that customers can get overwhelmed with too much information, we prioritized the most important information at the point of purchase and immediately afterward. But we also kept some of the materials for a future time, where they would be activated with the help of predictive triggers to reach customers right at the time when they needed it most.

With the new customer experience in place, we developed all the items our client would need to implement it; including a roadmap; a process and systems maps; and an activation plan outlining critical next steps. Most importantly, what our client initially considered impossible became feasible: we were able to outline a path towards putting customers data to work immediately.

This set our client on a path to success to provide a welcome experience that makes new members feel truly appreciated, builds confidence in their choice and keeps them engaged from the moment they commit to the service.

Key Activities
Project Design 

// Design + Facilitation
of 11 Working Sessions
// Project Management
Across Workstreams to
Guide Activation

Research + Ideation

// Consumer Research
// Competitor Research
// Protoype Development
+ Testing

Activation + Implementation

// Process and Systems
Mapping to Guide