Designing Future Healthcare Experiences

Over the course of three months, Rêve partnered with a leading health care organization with over one million members to envision their future consumer experience and develop the supporting strategy to achieve it.

The Opportunity:

As a leading health care company became focused on the potential of differentiating on consumer experience (CX), they partnered with Rêve to develop an inspiring CX vision and an actionable plan to achieve it through consumer- and employee-facing initiatives.

Key Activities

Research & Analysis

  •  Stakeholder Interviews
  • Consumer Interviews
  • Consumer Journey Map
  • Current State Blueprint
  • CX Capability Assessment

Prototyping & Iteration

  • Generative Ideation
  • Low-fidelity Prototyping (Storyboarding)
  • Consumer Feedback
  • Mid-fidelity Prototyping

Implementation Planning

  • Future Experience Framework
  • CX Strategy
  • Strategic Roll-out Plan + Roadmap

Approach and Results

Over the course of a three-month engagement, Rêve worked alongside a core team made up of the organization’s Consumer Experience team as well as cross-functional representatives from key business and functional areas.

The team focused on envisioning a consumer experience that was simple for their consumers to navigate, personalized to their needs, and provided transparency into the health care system.

To begin developing the future CX, we synthesized existing organizational research on consumer needs and pain points within the current experience. We then gained additional insights through one-on-one consumer interviews. The interviews helped our partner organization build a new competency of listening to and empathizing with their consumers, while the insights from the interviews provided a key input to the development of the future experience.

Once the future CX was designed, we worked collaboratively to develop a strategic plan to guide our client work towards delivering the future experience. The strategy incorporated internal initiatives which would build the organization’s CX capabilities as well as external initiatives which would directly impact and improve the interactions that consumers have with our client. The internal initiatives were informed in part by a CX Capability Assessment we conducted with key stakeholders in the organization.

In addition to crafting an overarching vision for the future experience, we dove deep into one subset of the experience to create a mid-fidelity digital prototype that illustrated how consumers might interact with the health care organization in new ways in the future. We tested the new digital experience with consumers, and refined to further fidelity, leaving our clients with a prototype which they could further iterate upon and implement.

At the conclusion of the engagement, the CX strategy, future CX vision, and digital prototype were packaged and presented to the Executive Leadership Team. The internal and external activities identified to roll-out the CX strategy received funding to move on to the next stage of development and implementation.


  • 41 internal CX capability building concepts
  • 121 future consumer experience ideas
  • 29 future consumer experience concepts
  • 1 video synthesizing 11 hours of consumer interviews
  • 1 video synthesizing 11 hours of prototype testing
  • 3 executive presentations
  • CX initiatives received multi-million dollar funding