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Modernizing Technology Platforms From an Experience Perspective

We partnered with a healthcare company to reimagine their operational model and design how a new technology stack supports growth.


Modernize our client’s current order and customer relationship management processes to improve customer experience and increase efficiencies. 


Partner with the client to create two enterprise tech accelerators that developed future experiences and flows to modernize their technology platforms.

Moments that Matter

When an organization is ready to invest in new technology, it is often selected, and its customers, employees, and processes must shift and adapt. Digitization can be difficult and time-consuming, leading to resistance from stakeholders who are used to the old way of doing things—even when dealing with a cumbersome and broken process like the ones we were brought in to fix.


So we worked backward. Instead of forcing stakeholders to fit the needs of technology, we modernized experiences, processes, and roles to envision what the technology needed to deliver. It all came together in a blueprint that was used to source and vet technology partners. Here are a few deliverables the projects included:

  • New sales and order management user stories
  • Process flows + blueprint
  • Prototyped screens
  • Enabling technologies defined to support
  • KPIs
  • Internal socialization content

Continuous Modernization Plan

"It's so clear that this can serve to align our teams, create efficient processes, and serve as the foundation for how we work moving forward."
Executive Sponsor
Healthcare Company


The work culminated in enterprise approval for the funding of new technology platforms. The impact of this work is already being felt in the organization, as new technology partners are being introduced with excitement. This modernization is estimated to unlock substantial revenue improvement and increased efficiencies for our client.

Sales and Order Management Prototypes

Key Deliverables