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Kaci Norman-Pace

As a Strategy Manager at Rêve, Kaci helps clients bring their customer’s voices into socially impactful business solutions that create positive change.


Meet Kaci

Kaci is skilled in distilling information into the key points that matter for a strategic challenge. She excels at challenging assumptions and actively listens for themes and insights. Kaci’s insightful mindset brings customer-centered strategies to life in our clients’ solutions daily.


Before joining Rêve, Kaci worked as a Business Development Analyst at Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, where she was responsible for co-creating strategies to grow their services. Kaci was key to bringing their client’s voice into this process while meeting growth goals and developing and piloting new service solutions. Kaci also worked at Boston University in Administration, where she led the digitization of the university’s registration process. Kaci earned a Master of Divinity with a concentration in ethics and an MBA in social impact strategy and innovation from Boston University. Kaci’s undergraduate degree is in Psychology and Theology from North Park University.  


Kaci is passionate about advocating for equity for women in higher education and serves on the Anna Howard Shaw Center board at Boston University. As a Board Member, she is helping shift the culture to make higher education a safe space for women to authentically be themselves 


Kaci loves being outside, reading a good book, walking her dog, or riding her bike. Kaci and her husband recently moved to Minneapolis and have loved exploring and sampling the city’s best vegan food. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Big Picture Growth
  • Customer-Centered Strategy
  • Growth Strategy
  • Relationship Building
  • Research
  • Creating Scavenger Hunts