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Co-Designing an Innovative Platform to Support Financial Planning Clients

We guided a prominent financial advisory firm to create a personalized and data-driven service offering that supports clients with an expanded ecosystem of content, tools, and holistic planning services.


Build a service offering that gives clients control of their financial journey and confidently makes their financial goals a reality – no matter what life throws their way. 


Develop service offerings, content strategy, marketing materials, and name for a comprehensive financial wellness platform. 

Moments that Matter

Research shows that 89% of employees surveyed experienced a significant personal or professional event in the past five years. And 73% expect their employers to provide access to a financial professional during a significant life event. Knowing that the right support was important at the right time, we mapped unmet customer needs with our client’s capabilities to identify opportunity gaps. This served as the foundation for the financial wellness platform that would:

  • Personalize support for individuals'
    financial journey
  • Support diverse customer needs
  • Counsel for everyday financial needs
  • Accelerate financial confidence
  • Provide meaningful planning resources beyond 401(k) advice
Sample financial journey map
"Rêve is such a great partner for our entire firm. You all have made such great contributions to our strategy, offer, and experience over the years…any success we have or hope to have is in huge part thanks to your hard work and insights."
VP, Strategy
Financial Advisory Firm


This new service will play a strategic role in our client’s value proposition and offerings. Currently in market, the offering is receiving positive press and feedback from key stakeholders.

Key Deliverables

Services Strategy | Service Naming + Tagline | Concepts | Customer Experience Strategy | Journey Map | Service Blueprint | Content Plan | Sales Pitch Presentation