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Addressing Experience Barriers
Inhibiting Customer Consideration
in the Value Salon Market

We worked with a national player with over 2,500 hair salons to
differentiate their service offerings and re-engage their target
customers post-pandemic.


Create a data-driven understanding of the current customer journey to form a foundation for innovation and prioritize investments for a differentiated future state experience. 


Conducted a 16-week strategy engagement which included visioning, deep primary research, and opportunity sizing to validate the current state of the customer journey, concept ideation and prototype development, blueprinting, and roadmapping. 


COVID-19 disrupted the value salon space like never before. Mandated closures and staffing issues combined with industry instability made customers slow to return to salons. Our client wanted to help customers get back to their routine by removing obstacles and making the retail experience simple, seamless, and enjoyable.  


We worked with them to outline experience gaps today, define critical drivers of customer satisfaction, and pinpoint where our client was losing the largest populations of potential customers, quantifying the impact at scale. Leveraging what we learned from mission-based experience and in-depth customer interviews paired with extensive quantitative research, we could illuminate critical needs, pain points, and areas of opportunity to reimagine the salon experience with the customer at the center. 


  • CX Vision Statement + Guiding Principles
  • Current State Journey Map + Stage Deep Dives
  • Customer Personas
  • Future State Concept Portfolio + Prototypes
  • Service Blueprint + Roadmap

“It felt many times like you were a natural extension of our team and I was impressed with how quickly you were able to embrace many of the unique nuances of our category.”

Executive Sponsor


$12.7MM Incremental Income

By implementing just one of our service concepts, we estimate through consumer research and data, our client could see up to $12.7MM in incremental income each year as a result of increased conversions. 

No matter what barriers are hindering your innovation, we can help you accelerate through them.