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Evolving a Healthcare Concierge Product to Increase Value to Members and Employers

We partnered with a regional healthcare insurer to enhance an in-market product to increase understanding and utilization of their healthcare benefits in an ever-changing and complex healthcare system.


Our client needed a new product strategy that would identify opportunities to drive adoption, satisfaction, and retention of a healthcare concierge service.


We used generative AI for advanced synthesis and theme coding from qualitative research to fast-track from concepts to actionable improvements.

Moments that Matter

To make the concierge experience better for members, which would make the employer’s job easier, we talked to both the member and the employers to identify critical needs. We learned that members wanted deeper education on their benefits, a blended service approach, and a healthcare advocate that helps them navigate, not just someone who reads a list of benefits. These findings allowed us to make recommendations of how our client could exceed expectations by answering the following:

  • Who uses the product and how?
  • How should the offering be structured?
  • What do the members value the most?
  • What features would help employers succed?

Sample Dashboard Ideated from Research

"It's been wonderful working with your team, and I know we're looking for the next opportunity to bring you all back in."
Engagement Leader
Health Insurance Organization


In our assessment and recommendations, we identifed short-term and long-term improvements to the concierge product. Ultimately, we validated that this product has a place in the market and how to enhance the experience to help members navigate a challenging healthcare landscape.

Research Report

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