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Innovating Financial Reporting for
a Global Manufacturer

We modernized how a global corporation's financial division accessed
essential data and insights by creating user personas and a
human-centered future state prototype.


Transform how users request, obtain, and use financial data analytics to identify gaps and inform an employee-centric future state design. 


Facilitating over 50 employee interviews to create empathy and understanding of how different job functions within the financial division access and use data. This research would directly inform and shape the nine user personas and future user experience.


A study released by Leadership IQ showed that on average 46% of new hires fail within 18 months of starting at an organization. Additionally, only 19% of newly hired employees reach “unequivocal success”. Of the percentage that fails, 89% do so because they cannot integrate with teams and processes. To modernize and prevent turnover we worked to create a human-centered process for data analysis by delivering:

  • Gap Analysis of Current and Desired Experience
  • Coordination of 50+ Employee Interviews Globally
  • Understand How Different User Accounts Use Data
  • Discover Core Systemic Issues with Current Data Analysis


Nine Employee Personas Delivered in a Design Playbook

Annotated Wireframe Ready for Development

Executive Summary for Leadership Buy-in and Fast Implementation

"The team brought great ideas and sparked smart conversations. They were able to put all the ideas we discussed into the final deliverable. Overall, great work!"


After collaborating to innovate and elevate our client’s capabilities, they have fast-tracked the development of the designed analytics hub. Implementation on a global scale has been mobilized to support company-wide initiatives that benefit long-term growth and increase engagement. This solution equips teams with data to deliver business results and enables global collaboration and effectiveness.

No matter what barriers are hindering your innovation, we can help you accelerate through them.