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Storytelling to Drive Adoption of Digital Marketing Vision

We helped a digital marketing executive from a global healthcare leader articulate their strategy and explain how it will impact the enterprise through strategic technical storytelling.


Articulate and socialize the digital marketing strategy and jobs to be done for the marketing team within a new consumer data ecosystem and empower them to deliver a more personalized healthcare experience.


Simplified complex technical changes and strategy, illuminated new how member experiences will be delivered in a human-first way, and created excitement across the organization about a major tech investment through a modular storytelling kit.

Moments that Matter

Striking a balance between informative technical updates and powerful emotive storytelling was the key to success in this project. We helped our client flip the narrative of the strategy from a technology-first to a human-first approach. The deliverables were designed around individual user roles to drive the digital marketing strategy and new technology stack adoption. The flexible content library included a compelling video that could accompany a presentation to either individual on project teams or executives. This was so the technical details could be scaled up or down depending on the audience. The human-first approach showed up in the video through:

  • Implementation timelines that show when experience concepts are scheduled to be implemented
  • CX strategy roadmap with perceived customer impact scores for CX concepts
  • Working prototype of partner trainer programs, dashboards, and book of business portals
"I was blown away by the level of creativity and expertise demonstrated by the team at Rêve. They truly understand the art of storytelling. Their approach was tailored to our specific needs and they were able to turn our strategic vision into reality."
Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation
Healthcare Organization


Our work helped create clarity and excitement for the vision resulting in enterprise adoption that improved customer engagement. By utilizing our expertise in strategic and emotive storytelling, we were able to create alignment within the organization and translate complex ideas into digestible pieces of content that stakeholders could understand. Our work not only helped our client to effectively communicate their vision but also provided a clear plan for how to continue moving forward with it.

Key Deliverables

digital marketing strategic overview | future experience map | product value proposition | strategic placemat | supporting video content