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Designing Personalized Healthcare Experiences that Deliver Value

Re-inventing health insurance to provide differentiated experiences that exceed customer expectations.


While our client had the largest share of the health insurance market in their state, they were facing increasing competition locally and nationally, and knew they needed to better meet customer expectations to maintain their position. Healthcare costs are rising at nearly double the pace of inflation, and despite increasing costs, it is one of the least digitized sectors. Many of the experiences customers have come to expect in other sectors are entirely lacking or woefully inadequate in health care and health insurance. Customers struggle to coordinate care, comprehend costs, and understand their health insurance benefits. Despite our clients’ best efforts to meet customers’ changing expectations, they knew they had a broader opportunity to provide an improved experience that would help them attract and retain customers.


As a leading health insurer focused on differentiating on customer experience (CX), they partnered with Rêve to understand the experience they deliver to customers today and develop a future vision for experiences that would exceed expectations moving forward.


We began our work by mapping the current customer journey through member interviews, front-line employee sessions, and analysis of existing data. Working with a cross-functional core team we created a shared understanding of the experience that customers have today and how that compared to customer expectations and competitor offerings. We also gathered input from key leaders in the organization to understand their internal CX capabilities, identifying what barriers might prevent the delivery of an exceptional customer experience.


Once we had alignment on the current context, we focused our sights on the future. Collectively we explored how our client could improve current pain points for customers and meet “tablestakes” that other competitors were offering. We also identified, based on their unique capabilities, how they could deliver a differentiated experience in the future. We focused on creating a customer experience that made interactions easy, leveraged data to deliver trusted guidance, and increased understanding to ensure customers get the value they seek.


Through collaborative idea development and evaluation, we were able to leverage strengths and priorities from various lines of business and internal groups to create a shared set of strategic choices and vision for the future. To ensure our compelling, differentiated customer experience could be delivered, we created a roadmap that outlined customer-facing improvements as well as internal capabilities that needed to be built.

Key Activities


  • Current Customer Journey
  • Customer Insights + Personas
  • Current Service Blueprint
  • Competitive Audit
  • Internal Capability Assessment


  • Future Experience Development
  • Future Service Blueprint
  • CX Strategy Development


  • Test and Refine
  • Customer Experience Prototypes
  • CX Strategy Roadmap
  • Roll-Out Plan

Key Deliverables


Experience Prototypes


Future Experience


Enterprise CX Strategy + Roadmap

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