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Designing Educational Pathways to
Economic Mobility for Emerging
BIPOC Talent

We worked with a university of 38,000 students to build a new employer-sponsored program that equips young BIPOC adults with the learning experiences necessary to enter and grow in a career path.


Develop and test a disruptive strategy for the young adult market (18-24 year-olds) to increase access to higher education, reduce costs, improve persistence, and advance economic mobility. 


Led a 16-week strategy engagement which included current state blueprinting, program modeling and testing, roadmapping, and employer engagement to secure partnerships within the pilot market. 


The financial burden of education has been grossly amplified by the pandemic, disproportionally impacting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities already facing long-standing racial inequalities and persistent inter-generational gaps in opportunity and wealth.


In 2020, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce conducted research to identify opportunity gaps in six critical areas for BIPOC communities: Employment, Education, Entrepreneurship, Criminal Justice, Health, and Wealth Disparity. One gap that stood out to us was that 45% of Black students receive no formal education beyond high school. Our client wanted to change this narrative, bringing together organizations and employers in the communities they serve to transform the higher education model for young adults. 


The desired outcome was two-fold, 1) provide young adults access to no-debt education while preparing them for the future of work, and 2) help employers build a diverse talent pipeline ready to excel in entry-level roles and beyond. The future program included:

  • Job-readiness training
  • Employer-sponsored learning pathways
  • Industry + skill badges
  • Localized learning cohorts
  • Dedicated staff and support to address social needs and barriers


  • Current State Experience Blueprint
  • Competitive Landscape + Industry Research
  • Concept Testing with Target Stakeholders + Students
  • Education Ecosystem Evaluation
  • Future State Program Model
  • Future State Experience Blueprint + Roadmap

"The Rêve team was fantastic to work with! Very responsive, knowledgeable and intentional with the exercises prepared for our group to work through. They did an excellent job facilitating in-depth sessions remotely and keeping the team on track to progress through the necessary discussions to help us craft a meaningful solution."

Core Team Member


Gold Shift Award

Our client was recognized at the CLOSE IT Summit for creating new paths to employment, education, and economic opportunities.

4 Community Partnerships

Community partners have been identified and engaged for a summer pilot program.

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