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Creating Differentiated Value in the B2B Consideration Journey

We conducted in-depth B2B interviews for our client to uncover the next generation of digital experience and messaging for their prospective distribution partners.


Empower prospective partners with effective touch points throughout their consideration journey to support their jobs to be done.


Understand how future distribution partners to make buying decisions, identify their painpoints using digital channels, and develop an insight-driven set of recommendations.

Moments that Matter

Websites can help professionals make informed decisions when recommending financial products to their clients. To understand what these B2B professionals need, our team conducted qualitative interviews to understand their entire consideration experience. We also were interested in the role the digital front door plays and their expectations, goals, pain points, and triggers. We documented their journey live, sharing it with prospects at the end of the interview to validate what we heard. The insights fell into the following categories:

  • Personalization
  • Accessibility
  • Feature + Benefit Messaging
  • Human Connection + Ease
  • Agent Care

Sample Journey Map from an IDI

"Rêve shows strong communication, partnership, and adaptability. The team also had a strong methodology and approach to conducting and documenting IDIs."
Head of Customer Experience Development
Life Insurance Organization


We created fifteen robust recommendations for the evolution of the partner website. These recommendations were synthesized with embedded live verbatims, detailed proof points, and a validated list of recommendations. Our recommendations provide a comprehensive roadmap for the partner website to deliver a differentiated experience that meets partners’ needs. We are confident that these recommendations will result in tangible improvements if followed. 

Research Report

Key Deliverables

Persona development | qualitative idiS | Validated "jobs to be done" | Research design + moderation | research stimulus | RESEARCH REPORT