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Creating Data-Driven Personas to Improve Member Outcomes

Developing an understanding of members and non-members needs, behaviors, and motivations to direct the right messages that accelerate enrollment in a leading fintech organization.


A client was creating a new value proposition and content for an existing product. They needed help identifying what makes their consumers unique and writing messaging that resonated.


Our qualitative research helped shape hypotheses for consumer personas and quantitative testing proved distinct drivers and barriers that served as a proven foundation for strategic messaging.

Moments that Matter

We used K Means Multi-Variate Cluster Analysis to segment the personas we hypothesized. This allowed us to algorithmically test our assumptions without biases. Our personas became aligned, which enabled us to begin tailoring positioning and messages based on preferences, perspectives, and needs. The data showed us drivers and barriers including:

  • Prioritization of product usage
  • Comfortability with current behaviors
  • Financial advantages
  • Preparing for the future
  • Impact of life events

Visualization of a K Means Analysis

"The Rêve team was great to work with! The process was well paced and organized while being flexible enough to pivot and ponder on ideas as they came up."
Sr. Director, Consumer Engagement


We built three data-driven personas, a product value proposition, and a content strategy four months before a critical growth season for our client. Our work gave teams across the organization validation in their strategic messaging. As a result, our client can confidently move into the peak sales season with peace of mind, ready to unlock their organization’s growth potential.

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Key Deliverables

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