Creating a Digital Workflow Platform for a Leading Medtech Company

We designed a new future state for a product sales organization that was rooted in the needs and objectives of the field sales representatives.


Foster enterprise, brand, and CX transformation through employee education, activation, and behavior change.Our client, a leading global healthcare company, was focused on improving the tools for their field sales reps. Even though they were developing cutting-edge product technology, their field sales representatives were working on non-integrated platforms, submitting paperwork by hand and lacked line of sight to critical operational activities such as inventory availability. This, coupled with the fact sales reps were constantly mobile moving between customer sites, made the field sales experience inefficient, inconsistent and frustrating – especially given the highly technical, complex and vital work they were doing in the field.


In the past, our client had developed product and platform solutions for the salesforce through a requirements-driven approach. We flipped that approach by developing empathy for the sales team member through extensive design research and persona development that drove our design recommendations. Over the course of 14 weeks, we worked alongside business and technology leaders within the organization to co-develop a human-centered digital platform. We broke our work down into six sprints that followed an iterative approach to maximize our client’s investment and ensure we continued to validate our hypotheses and insights with our end-user. We began by interviewing dozens of individuals from the field sales organization, representing the critical business units for our client’s growth strategy. The insights we uncovered through the interview process gave us, and the client, a previously untapped end-user perspective on the needs, frustrations and overall experience of their sales teams. Upon completing the first round of interviews, we met with our client core team to share results, discuss emerging insights and start to ideate on how might we solve the pain points and critical moments of the field sales team.


Through co-creative ideation sessions, we generated 50+ ideas for the future state. Those 50+ ideas transformed into two low-fidelity, hand-sketched narratives. By creating and sharing these narratives with sales representatives, we identified features and functions that they found most desirable. This quick, iterative design process allowed us to capture real-time feedback, allowing for a refined future experience that incorporated the input of who we were designing for.


At the end of our 14 weeks together, our client had high-fidelity wireframes of the ideal future state digital experience for the field sales team. We outlined a high-level rollout plan and final experience presentation material to assist our client in socializing the insights and opportunities of this engagement with key stakeholders across the organization.

Key Activities


  • Field Sales Interviews in 14 States
  • Validated Personas + Journey Maps
  • Co-Created 50+ Concepts


  • Low-Fidelity Future Experience Narratives
  • Feedback Sessions


  • Experience Wireframes
  • High-Level Rollout Plan
  • Executive Socialization Deck

Key Deliverables


Sales Rep Interviews


Future Experience Narratives


Wireframed Prototype