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Creating a New Way to Serve B2B Partners

We worked with a new strategic product department of a life insurance organization to establish a CX strategy that would create new services and experiences that leave their B2B partners feeling valued and understood.


Address legacy technology, cumbersome experiences, and current processes to reimagine a CX strategy to meet clients’ needs and prime the new department for success.


Differentiated the new department from the traditional business side by interviewing stakeholders, identifying opportunities, building and testing one of the identified most important services.

Moments that Matter

This project was unique because we interviewed partners not once but twice. These human interactions allowed us to uncover goals, needs, and frustrations to build five partner personas. It was clear that our client wanted their partners to feel heard in the CX strategy and invested in the outcomes. Fewer touchpoints, simplified forms, and the ability to self-serve when questions arise were key themes we heard from both sales and operational positions. We designed the strategy to meet the unique needs of each type of partner through:

  • Implementation timelines that show when experience concepts are scheduled to be implemented
  • CX strategy roadmap with perceived customer impact scores for CX concepts
  • Working prototype of partner trainer programs, dashboards, and book of business portals
Sample partner persona
"The team was able to get up to speed so quickly on our business and delivered on time."
Head of Product
Life Insurance Organization


We helped our client move from a one-off tactical problem-solving mentality to adopting blue-sky thinking on how they would address strategic opportunities. By showing the persona roadmap to the partners involved, they could visualize benefits and see when issues would resolve. This transparency keeps our client accountable for their innovations and provides hope and excitement for their partners.

Key Deliverables

CX Strategy | CX Vision | Future State Journey Map | Guiding Principles Innovation Portfolio | Interview Synthesis | Personas | Project Plan Solution Portfolio | Stakeholder Interviews