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Building a Seamless Experience for Individual Investors

We used quantitative research to affirm our prototype of an investor experience from acquisition to retirement and brought the vision to life with a compelling activation video.


Create an enterprise-wide CX strategy that improves the investor experience by building trust and driving loyalty while disrupting the financial investment industry CX standards—establishing our client as a market leader.


Leveraged competitive research, quantitative data, VOC interviews, and creative iteration to prototype the investor experience of the future and charter an activation strategy that, once implemented, makes enterprise growth goals achievable.

Moments that Matter

From quantitative data, we learned eight out of the top ten investor priorities are related to their experience. The data shows that CX within the financial investment industry lags, leaving client needs unmet. An opportunity for differentiation emerged that was rooted in building a personal connection, fostering trust, and ultimately encouraging loyalty. To create alignment across the enterprise on the CX strategy’s vision, implementation, and power, we delivered an activation video in support of our solution portfolio. The powerful storytelling and visualization of the future experience created excitement and understanding for the teams responsible for the strategy’s integration by:

  • Providing an inspirational yet tangible representation of the future
  • Serving as a tool for employees to understand why their work ahead matters
  • Building consensus across the organization
  • Briefing senior leadership on both business and technology needs

Onboarding experience prototypes

"The team did a fantastic job considering the timelines and complexities of the project. Rêve was very well organized and professional. They were great to work with all along the way!"
Core Team Member
Financial Investment Firm


The activation video was shared with over 150 associates to create excitement about the vision and future changes. With 90% of their client’s engagements happening on a digital platform, our work also helped validate increased investment in the digital experience.  

Conceptual application 

Key Deliverables

Competitive Audit | Concept Prototype | Current & future state journey map | cx vision & guiding principles | cx strategy | design sprint | solution portfolio