Mar 30 Congrats, Claire!

This month, our team nominated Claire for our ‘Floaty Award’ to recognize her outstanding commitment to excellent client service, as well as her willingness to always make time to help others, no matter how busy she is.

Claire just wrapped up an exciting project with a national foundation, helping them in their mission to connect America’s 70 million middle-skilled workers with employers. (Read the Case Study)

She joined Rêve as Associate Strategist in 2014, and was promoted to Strategist in 2015. Clients have called her ’incredibly mature’, and an ‘absolute joy to work with’, and praise her ‘contagious excitement for the work’, and ‘positive energy that inspires everyone around her.’

Clients love your energy. Do you make a conscious effort to show up with a positive attitude?

“What’s been really fun for me is that over the past three years, I’ve become more and more myself. And so, yes, I am glad that that shows up as happy and positive. Authenticity is a value of ours, and it can be hard when you are young to really embrace who you are, and not just try to ‘be professional.’ I’ve have found myself enjoying interacting with clients more, because I am able to be more myself.”

How would you describe your relationship with our clients?

“It doesn’t feel like a transaction. It feels like true camaraderie and true collaboration, and in our most successful projects, it feels like we are all in flow together and there is no delineation between us and them. Everyone’s just working toward the same goal and that feels really authentic to me. The reputation of consultants that tell people what to do, that’s not who we are, and that’s not who I want to be.”

Your recent project was particularly exciting in terms of its socio-economic impact. What have you learned from working on a complex issue with some of the smartest people in the country?

“It was a reinforcement of the value we bring with human-centered design research, and of the power that the people that we interview have on our lives and on our clients’ lives. We really do build empathy with these people and it really does show up in our work. In our sessions, our client would say: ‘Oh, this would never work for Jane. I can’t picture her doing this, or using this.’ Or: ‘When I think about Angie, I think she would really like this.’ That’s indicative of a bigger shift towards really thinking about the people they are serving.”

And one a more personal note, what stuck with you?

“We started this project right after the election when divisiveness in our country was really apparent. Working on this project and talking to people, you see that their lives may not have improved over the last eight years, regardless of what their stance is now. It did, even for us, put a human face on people that have very different lived experiences and very different perspectives as a result of that. I’ll be writing about this in an upcoming post for this blog–stay tuned!”

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