Oct 05 Three Key Insights that Drive our Commitment to Customer Experience

In honor of CX Day, a global celebration of the companies and professionals that create great experiences for their customers, Rêve’s co-founders Kristin Pardue and Brad von Bank hosted an interactive session: “Customer Experience: The Next Competitive Advantage.”

At Rêve, we’ve been helping organizations design and deliver better customer experience strategies since our early days, and over the years we’ve built a robust methodology that combines strategy, service design and change management.

From our session, here are some key statistics that continue to drive our work:

// Today, 86% of US jobs are service related. So it isn’t surprising that customer experience (CX) is now the new battleground for organizations. In a recent Gartner survey, 89% of respondents said that they are going to differentiate through CX.

// And for good reason: Leaders in customer experience outperform the S&P 500 Index by 35 points (Watermark Consulting).

// However, many organizations aren’t prepared to do this level of deep transformation. From the 2016 State of Digital Transformation: “The #1 challenge facing executives (71%) is understanding behavior or impact of the new customer. Yet, only half (54%) of survey respondents have completely mapped out the customer journey. This means that many companies are changing without true customer-centricity.”

With today’s digital environments, experiences have moved beyond a predictable purchase funnel to a customer-led omni-channel model. The customer is now in control of how he purchases and when he interacts with you. Brands need to be relentless in understanding their needs and design experiences across the entire customer journey to deliver on their brand promise.

That’s what drives us to help our clients design enterprise strategy that brings clarity to how they are going to compete. We also provide customer insight & prototyping expertise to innovate key touchpoints, and build capabilities within our clients’ organizations to sustain these changes.

Throughout our work in industries such as health care, retail, and financial services, we’ve found that there are some key drivers for improving CX across an organization: Design for humans, be seamless; be scrappy and evolve your tools. More than anything,we believe in co-creation, and so we walk alongside our clients to create cross-functional teams, as well as to invite their customers to solve challenges or invent the future experience with them.

As we continue on this journey, we hope you will join us! If you have thoughts or questions or would like to connect over your customer experience strategy, please reach out to Kristin@reveconsulting.com.

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