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Accelerate your growth in a day.

We’ve spent decades developing methods to find solutions to complex business challenges. Whether your team is stuck or simply looking for innovative ideas to grow, we can help.

Rêve Labs is a portfolio of highly accelerated consulting services and learning experiences that use a unique blend of creative problem solving techniques to lay the foundation for growth, clarify direction, and empower teams to act.

In intensive 1-3 day bootcamp-style workshops, you and your team will learn from real-life practitioners that will guide you to find solutions to specific business challenges and utilize design principles and experimentation to generate and stress-test ideas in fast and meaningful ways.

You may choose an individual or bundle of services to address your unique business needs. Workshops are held in Rêve’s Dream Lab, a flexible and creative space for teams to dream.

Accelerate your growth today.
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Ashley Thorfinnson
Sr. Strategist
612.353.5510 ext. 103

Rêve Labs 


Human-Centered Design

Design human-centered solutions that put your customers first.

Service Design

Identify opportunities to redefine your customer experience.


Create or refine the mission, vision, and values that direct your organization.


Outline a path of strategic choices for winning in the marketplace.


Analyze innovation leaders in your market and reposition your organization for success.

Brand Architecture

Develop the identity and framework for your organization’s brand essence.


Discover innovative solutions to business challenges through creative problem solving.


Ideate and design concepts that meet consumer desires and needs.