Sep 07 Celebrating a Purpose Driven Partnership

On August 11, the Rêve Consulting team spent the day prototyping the business ideas of Rêve Academy’s interns during its summer capstone event, Rêve Academy Revival.

Each year, our staff and other industry professionals mentor and coach the students through a one-day business accelerator that explores the power of an idea.

Coined as the “anti-gala,” Revival is an opportunity for our staff to empower the next generation of dreamers and digital doers. We think of this as a day that completely encapsulates our mission, our “why,” into a hands-on experience that has become one of our team’s favorite days of service.

It was amazing to work with the interns and watch their visions come to life during Revival. We worked with design frameworks and concepts that I didn’t use or think about until graduate school, so I think the interns are way ahead of the curve.
– Stephanie Strifert, Service Design Intern
Revival, Staff
Revival Post It

At this year’s Rêve Academy Revival, thirteen student interns were asked, “How might we improve our community?” and we were blown away by the creativity and innovation presented. Below are the solutions the students gave:

Power Alarm

A renewable energy device to decrease distracted driving

Neurodiversity Novels

A graphic novel that creates empathy and an accurate representation of characters with Autism 


School curriculum to prevent bullying 

Guns are Everywhere

Increasing awareness of gun violence through education 

A Helping Hand

Connecting people to complete affordable housing solutions


Robots that pick up trash to keep public spaces clean

After the students pitch their ideas, attendees vote on the most innovative concept. The winning students are awarded a Rêvers-in-Residence grant to further their idea. However, this year, through sponsors’ generosity, each student received this grant to propel their idea forward. The empowerment was visible, and you could hear the excitement in their voices when they talked about their experience.

I think the thing that I’ve grown the most in is my confidence, I’ve never felt like this before.
-Student Intern

No matter what barriers are hindering your innovation, we can help you accelerate through them.