Multi-Channel Strategy for Target


The retail industry is becoming increasingly disrupted by technology, consequently transforming the way consumers shop. Technologically, consumers are ahead of the industry. Target, one of the largest retailers in the United States, had the opportunity to adapt to these evolving consumer needs and design an exceptional future shopping experience for their guests. Target engaged Rêve to uncover the technological environment needed to enable this future. Along with crafting a unified multichannel story that brings functional teams together to produce a seamless experience, both internally and externally.

Rêve worked closely with Target Technology Services to conduct upwards of 75 interviews with key executives across the organization to synthesize and articulate a cross-channel guest experience. The effort included the creation of a visual language to better communicate the new strategy and the capture of anticipated technology needs coming from each functional area.

As a result of the engagement, Rêve helped unify and simplify Target’s multichannel vision and gain a better understanding of the people, process and technology needed to enable this future shopping experience. In addition, Rêve provided an actionable framework to communicate this story and excite change throughout the organization connecting the strategy to the existing business capabilities framework and aiding the creation of a multi-channel technology roadmap.

Technology is transforming the way consumers shop, making the understanding of customer needs essential.