Melissa Weiler

//  Manager, Employee Engagement


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As Manager of Employee Engagement, Melissa is responsible for delivering a world-class employee experience.

Melissa believes that creating a culture that embraces diversity, recognizes each individual’s uniqueness, and celebrates milestones is paramount. She has helped Rêve become one of the top places to work through her hands-on approach to designing and delivering our talent acquisition and management experiences. Her energy and enthusiasm for building lasting relationships make her a popular and memorable brand ambassador.


Melissa has over 20 years of human resources and talent management experience in the consulting, technology, e-commerce, marketing, and public relations industries. Melissa joined Rêve from Digital River, Inc., where she expanded her skills in several areas of human resources, including immigration, payroll, off-boarding, and employee recognition programs.


She studied marketing at the University of Minnesota and is a Masterclass in leveraging her strengths of Positivity and Woo to connect people and ideas to help them reach their potential.


Melissa is actively involved in volunteering in her community and also leads the Digiteering program at Rêve Academy. She has a passion for each Rêve Academy intern and is a trusted mentor and champion for countless interns. Melissa is passionate about serving others and makes a positive impact on anyone she meets.