Leveraging Data to Drive Experience Innovation for 4.9 Million Customers

Aligning customer feedback to key moments in their overall service experience catalyzes opportunities for improvement.

Identify critical moments in the experience and align the organization around delivering it.
We built a data-driven framework to help a global organization identify opportunities and build organizational alignment to deliver meaningful experiences for customers.
– Data Synthesis
– Competitive Benchmarking
– Data Mapping
– Current State Journey
– Ideation
– Prioritization
– Signature Moments
– Stakeholder Interviews
NPS Benchmark Model
Current Customer Journey
Signature Moments
Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Our client was passionate about catalyzing their organization to do right by the customer in the most critical moments of the customer journey by creating Signature Moments. A Signature Moment is an interaction that brands elevate to surpass expectations, set themselves apart, and inspire positive word of mouth. Our client knew that creating a Signature Moment meant stakeholders who delivered the experience would need to be aligned not only on the Moments themselves, but the approach that was taken to identify them. We determined that an approach rooted in member data would be the most compelling and effective way to gain the trust of stakeholders. While our client had already amassed a large quantity of data and had a solid understanding of top customer needs, our methodology led to actionable insights and rallied teams around a common goal.


To start identifying opportunities to create a Signature Moment, we wanted to understand how our client’s current member experience measured against competitors. To do this, we stratified Net Promotor Score (NPS) data across the member journey to understand member loyalty at each stage. Then we benchmarked our client against other industry leaders to expose where our client was lagging or leading the competition. Next, we mapped Voice-of-the-Customer (VOC) data to the customer journey to understand what might be driving their satisfaction level at each stage.

By connecting the NPS data at a journey stage level to the VOC data, we were able to build empathy for the member to understand her essential needs and where our client or the competition were failing to meet them. From there, we identified ten opportunities for our client to create a Signature Moment. We also needed a way to begin prioritizing the opportunities to help our client know which to go after first. We accomplished this by creating a scoring tool assessing the potential impact of each occasion on improving NPS scores. The tool gave our client a quick, quantifiable, and objective way to compare opportunities against each other from the perspective of the customer.


We wrapped up the project by interviewing key stakeholders and sharing with them the opportunities and the approach taken to identify them. We listened to what excited them, what made them nervous, and how they’d like to see the work implemented across teams. Given one of the goals at the beginning of the engagement was to catalyze the organization to deliver on the most critical moments of the member journey, we synthesized the interview findings into a partner engagement plan. The plan documented the next steps to socialize the work and generate momentum within the organization to take action and deliver meaningful moments for its customers.

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