Karin Norby

//  Strategist

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As a strategist at Rêve, Karin brings a wealth of insights from a career in startups to help our clients innovate and grow.

At Rêve, Karin is passionate about the intersection of consumer behavior and innovation. She shares her expertise on how leaders and organizations can learn from startups to transform their organization and their industry to compete more effectively in today’s consumer-led environment.

Karin joined Rêve with a pedigree of entrepreneurial startups ranging from leadership roles in consumer packaged goods, the health and wellness industry, and traditional retail. As Chief Marketing Officer at Seven Sundays, she lead the development of brand identity and customer experience as the company was growing from its specialty market roots to compete in the aisle at Target. At Alchemy, she co-created a human-centered sales experience that was implemented across multiple locations and generated the momentum for the company to grow quickly in a competitive fitness market.

Karin holds a B.A. in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship from the University of Saint Thomas, where she gained valuable perspectives on local and global enterprises through internships and study abroad.

Karin is passionate about helping instill confidence and well-being in today’s youth. In her own community, Karin volunteers with Girls On The Run, helping to educate young women through a curriculum that integrates running and movement.