Illume Product Design Process


Reinventing a process to cut costs, reduce time to market, empower people, wow clients, and help employees love their jobs.

Blessed with the good fortune of rapid expansion, Illume Candles engaged Rêve Consulting to examine and reinvent their existing process for interacting with clients and bringing products to market.

Reve Consulting worked with a cross-functional group of Illume leaders to document and evaluate Illume’s current process from strategy to manufacturing. The team used digital and analog tools to map the current process, identify points of failure or frustration, and co-create solutions that fit the culture and needs of the company. Rêve then helped phase the work and create an implementation plan that brought the newly created process to life.

Illume’s work with Rêve resulted in greater speed to market, improved pricing accuracy, and better information availability and documentation throughout the process. The work has positioned Illume to accommodate new growth while maintaining the focus on creativity and innovation that makes them leaders in their field.

Innovative Candle Manufacturer Transforms the Way They Work