Transforming Healthcare Experience in MN, One Interaction at a Time

Utilizing a co-creative approach, Rêve developed a customized service design strategy and set of tools to reimagine how consumers experience healthcare in Minnesota.

The Opportunity:

Executives at a large MN healthcare company wanted their consumers to have an improved experience at every interaction, ranging from product selection and sign-up to continuous management of personal health. They knew that to accomplish this, they would need to generate a cultural shift within their organization.

Rêve was engaged by senior leaders in the digital and consumer experience realm to reimagine their consumer experience, and to develop a population of employees better equipped to serve consumers.

Key Activities

Capability Building

  • Consumer Experience Strategy
  • Playbook development + iteration
  • Center of Excellence model + tools

Experience Redesign

  • 1:1 Consumer interviews
  • Journey Map
  • Ideation
  • Concept Briefs
  • Low-fidelity prototypes

Experience Redesign (Cont’d)

  • Consumer Testing
  • Mid-fidelity prototypes
  • Service Blueprint
  • Action Plan

Approach and Results

Rêve worked with a cross-functional team to co-create an enterprise-wide consumer experience strategy as well as an actionable service-design playbook.

Using the playbooks as a guide, we led a cross-functional group of employees to redesign four key interaction areas within the consumer experience. With every redesign, we learned more about the needs of consumers as they move through the healthcare system, and honed our ability to cultivate a new capability in a large, corporate culture.

At each touchpoint redesign, participants from the client team gained valuable innovation and service design skills. To ensure that this work was sustainable, we created a Center of Excellence, which equipped select participants to continuously provide expertise and advocacy.

Since the touchpoint redesigns, project outcomes have shaped enterprise-wide strategies and technology roadmaps.


  • Four redesigned consumer experiences in key interaction areas
  • Consumer Experience redesign playbook
  • Participation of 30+ employees & capability-building in service design