Turning a leading company into a customer-centric organization

This multibillion-dollar company faced a series of major industry disruptions and needed to undergo a fundamental enterprise transformation.

The Opportunity:

A legislative change significantly altered our client’s industry, leading them to reassess their business strategy and place the individual consumer at the center of their activities. In a fundamental strategic shift, the company needed to evolve from a business-to-business (B2B) organization into a business-to-consumer (B2C) organization.

In addition, our client had been facing increasing market share pressure, following the appearance of low-cost competitors, as well as the appearance of disruptive new technologies that significantly raised consumer expectations with regard to the service experience.

Our client needed an agile way to react to this changing landscape and quickly develop new solutions that would offer consumers more engaging and relevant experiences at every interaction. Our client knew that an aspirational consumer-centric strategy would be paramount to future growth and consumer retention. In order to achieve this, the company needed to generate a cultural shift from within.

Key Activities


  • Co-creation of an enterprise-wide consumer strategy with a cohort of key decision-makers
  • Co-creation of consumer experience strategy with a cross-functional group of employees
  • Development of a digital, mobile, and content strategy

Service Design & Tech

  • Trend and competitive research
  • Primary and secondary consumer research + synthesis
  • Consumer segmentation analysis & consumer journey mapping
  • Prototyping of consumer experience touchpoints and service blueprinting
  • Linking to Business Process Mapping Systems

Capability Design

  • Development of a new strategic governance processes and toolsets
  • Creation of an internal innovation accelerator
  • Development of two service design playbooks to enable cultural change
  • Creation of consumer experience framework and management process

Approach and Results

Over the course of eighteen months, Rêve partnered with the company to execute more than thirty projects, creating a set of strategic choices that would catalyze a transformation towards consumer-centricity.

In an effort to humanize the experience, we developed an overarching consumer persona that helped infuse human-centered design thinking into every step of the strategy development. Upon the completion of a consumer-focused strategy, this persona also served as the backbone of the design of a new consumer experience strategy across all touch points. Next, we developed supporting initiatives to break down the strategies into tactics that would bring about that experience both in digital and analog channels.

Alongside our strategy development and service design work, we also helped to strengthen the organization’s capability to undertake an internal cultural shift by designing and developing supporting management and systems capabilities.


  • Spurring of an eight-figure investment towards strategic initiatives.
  • Development of 5 digital prototypes.
  • Completion of 100 interviews with the company’s customers to test and refine prototypes.
  • Training of 20 key leaders in Service Design.

Key Projects

Consumer-Focused Strategy

Development of an enterprise-wide consumer-centric strategy to ensure business growth and consumer loyalty.

Consumer Experience Strategy

Using a service design approach towards transforming consumer experience at every interaction and across all touchpoint.

Improving Strategic Governance

Co-creation of key processes and tools for corporate strategy office and strategy owners to ensure strategic success.

Integrated Mobile Channel Strategy

Building an interconnected and differentiated mobile channel strategy to improve consumer experience.

Top-Leader Strategy Forum

Bringing together key strategic stakeholders in a collaborative session to test and align enterprise-wide strategies.

Multi-Channel Digital Strategy

Development of a 3-year digital strategy that positions the company as a digital market leader within its industry.

Internal Innovation Accelerator

Development of a new internal innovation team to quickly develop new solutions in a rapidly changing market.