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Creating a Vision and Business Case for A New Digital Experience

We used a cross-functional, human-centered approach to reimagine a digital B2B experience and plan for implementation.

Our client, a leading healthcare IT company, was focused on improving their customer experience. Despite the fact that they had cutting-edge products, their customers were currently interacting with them via numerous non-integrated legacy platforms, each of which had different information and interfaces. This made the customer experience inefficient, inconsistent and frustrating – especially as customer expectations were shifting due to improved digital experiences in other industries.

During a previous effort, we had identified a centralized customer portal as a tangible way to improve customer interactions and provide resources to ensure customers get the most value out of their products. Through previous testing with customers, we had validated the idea, and leadership supported its advancement, creating a corporate goal to deliver a minimum viable experience (MVE) of the portal by the end of 2018. However, to achieve this goal, our client needed additional investment and resources, as well as buy-in and input from across the organization.


We were re-engaged to help our client advance the customer portal concept, conduct additional testing, and make the case for investment.

To ensure we had buy-in across the organization we brought together a cross-disciplinary team, to further develop the work. Together we created user stories, which articulated how a centralized portal would benefit both our client and their end customers.

By creating and then sharing a high-fidelity clickable prototype with over 40 customers, we identified features and functions that customers desired most, and prioritized those that should be developed first as part of the MVE. We explored options to build out and deliver the portal requirements, both for the MVE, and further into the future, including some analysis on potential platforms and technologies to support the vision.

Our client now had a high-fidelity prototype that brought to life the evolved vision for the customer portal. We outlined costs and benefits—both to the customer and our client—in a concise, compelling presentation which will help our client gain the approval and resources they need to make a transformative impact on their customer’s experience.






Key Activities

User stories
Features + functions
Systems architecture


Design research
Wireframes + clickable prototype


Technology requirements
Benefits case