Service Design for Caribou Coffee


Caribou Coffee is the second largest company-operated premium coffeehouse operator in the United States. Caribou is continually innovating and driving multichannel growth. In order to manage a robust growth strategy, leadership wanted to optimize key business processes. Caribou engaged Rêve to help them understand how work was being done and how they could redesign their work to support their strategy.

Rêve worked with two core functions to understand how they worked in the current state and to design how they needed to work in the future. Through a customized approach and the use of a cloud-based process management tool, Rêve was able to involve all functional members in process reviews and design. The effort also included a change management plan that engaged the entire team.

As a result of Rêve’s focused method of engagement, Caribou has reorganized both its work and its supporting organizations to move the strategy forward. The rapid and engaging method of redesign has led to holistic adoption.

Streamlining engagement develops process for driving Caribou’s functional strategy.