Jan 30 Meet Amanda, Our New Financial Manager

We’re excited to announce that Amanda Breen has joined Rêve as our new Financial Manager! Amanda joins us at a pivotal time as we are working to deepen our strategy and service design practice, as well as implementing some exciting new ventures! She’s been with us for a couple of weeks, and already we couldn’t imagine our team without her keen eye for detail and sharp analytical mind.

Welcome, Amanda! Tell us more about your role at Rêve?

As Rêve’s Financial Manager, I serve the company internally by administering payroll, benefits, monitoring engagement financials and managing the financial accounting of the company. I will also take on a strategic management role by helping our founders budget and forecast financials, manage our corporate KPIs, and plan fiscally for new and exciting ventures!

Will you have a chance to interact with our clients?

Yes, I will interact with our clients’ sourcing and accounting teams, as I will work to ensure strong financial and administrative stewardship of our engagements, including support contract execution and billing.

What excites you most about your new job?

Finance and accounting can be a mundane career path. Being part of a company like Rêve gives me a chance to put my skills to use in a new way. I am part of a bold, unique, and flourishing company and I can see concrete ways in which my work will help Rêve grow. By managing our financials day-to-day, I have insight into areas where we are at the top of our game, as well as areas of opportunity. If I can find ways to save or manage money, that means more resources for new employees, new projects, and our bold goals.

What is your superpower?

Multi-tasking! When I have a lot to do, and not enough time to do it, I am a master at finding a way to fit as many tasks as possible into whatever time frame I have available. So maybe it’s a cross between multi-tasking, task-condensing, and “killing two birds with one stone.”

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