Jun 08 Launch of Roomera, a Virtual Reality Company

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Roomera Inc, a pioneering venture that leverages VR for business.

Minneapolis-based Roomera, Inc. enters the fast-growing multibillion-dollar VR industry by providing a platform and creative services that help organizations envision the future so they can make better decisions today. Roomera accelerates innovation by allowing clients to virtually prototype and measure omnichannel product and service experiences, as well as testing entirely new business models. For companies looking to secure a competitive advantage in the marketplace, Roomera’s offerings reduce the risks that come with innovation, while increasing speed to market and return on investment.

Roomera is launching after a series of successful retail and health care proof of concepts. The founding team of Thong Nguyen, Brad von Bank and Kristin Pardue have been working together in different capacities over the years, most recently as the leadership team at Rêve Consulting, and have held leadership positions with local companies such as Target, Best Buy, General Mills, Carlson Companies, Digital River, and General Electric. Based on their combined corporate and consulting experience, they see a clear B2B application for virtual reality in the business leader’s toolkit.

“Companies are feeling increased pressure to innovate at a speed and scale that’s unsustainable with traditional thinking and tools,” said Nguyen. “Roomera enables them to test a broader set of physical and digital concepts quickly with customers earlier in the innovation lifecycle. In our work, we quickly found that the experiential nature of VR improved communication, fast-tracked insights and informed strategic decisions in remarkable ways while reducing the risks that come naturally with change.”

“Since the inception of Rêve, we have worked with clients to collapse the chasm between strategy and execution. The partnership with Roomera takes this to an entirely new level by helping organizations bring prototypes to life virtually with the goal of accelerating the pace and probability of innovation. This is a perfect partnership for companies looking to be disruptive rather than being disrupted,” added von Bank. 

Thong will roll out of his role as CTO at Rêve to become the CEO of Roomera. Brad and Kristin will hold key leadership roles while continuing to lead Rêve Consulting, the strategy and service design consultancy they co-founded in 2009.