Katie Eggers

Feb 17 Meet Katie Eggers, Our New Marketing Manager

Having lived on three different continents, our new Marketing Manager, Katie Eggers, knows a good story when she sees it. We sat down with her to learn more about the journey that brought her to Minneapolis, the magazine she founded, and what happened when she faced her deepest fear.

Katie, you have lived in many different countries before coming to the United States. Can you sum up your journey in a few words?

I joke that I have lived in eight countries, but that’s only because I was born in East Germany, a country that no longer exists. After graduating high school, I was lucky to have the opportunity to teach at international schools, and so I spent two years in Thailand, the United Kingdom and Bulgaria. Afterwards, I studied in Paris, with a one-year stop in Brussels, where I worked for the United Nations. During these years, my American boyfriend was in Minneapolis, so we both spent a lot of time on the plane until I moved here four years ago.

Tell us more about you professional background and your new role at Rêve.

I have an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences and a graduate degree in Communications, both from Sciences Po, a very unique school in France. In Minnesota, I previously worked as an Account Executive Assistant for the PR firm Tunheim. I also started a magazine, thirty two, which applied a new lens to the life and culture of Minnesota and earned a really wonderful and dedicated readership. At Rêve, my work focuses on driving the conversation around our insights, our work and our people. Rêve is at the vanguard of so many exciting new things, and I help channel all of that into great content and engaging events. On the client side, I am excited to help deepen our marketing capabilities with a focus on co-creating implementation and go-to-market strategies.

What do you like most about Rêve’s culture?

It’s refreshingly honest, truly authentic and so smart! When I first learned about Rêve, I was deeply intrigued by its vision: to turn the great work of consulting into the good work of changing lives. Now that I have been here for a couple of weeks, I no longer see it as just a vision statement, but as something that truly permeates everything we do: it’s a kind of lifeblood that energizes us every day.

Tell us about a life experience that has taught you an important lesson that extends into your career.

Wow, that’s a tough one. Let me see. In Thailand, I once swam with reef sharks, without a professional guide. It was just a friend and I, and we had chartered a fisherman’s boat to go out to the reef on our own. The night before, I couldn’t sleep, and my stomach was just tied in a knot. When we got into the water, we didn’t see anything for the first thirty minutes and we both became really calm. Then, a six-foot shark just swam by right in front of us, just two feet away. Once we had seen him, we saw dozens of them, everywhere. And we both felt the calmest we had ever been in our life, it was incredible. So I guess I learned that it’s actually calm inside a tornado, figuratively speaking, and that if you dare to do something that you’re really, really afraid of, you become almost untouchable.

Ilya Kravchik
Ilya Kravchik