Nov 23 Inspiration From Mayo Clinic’s Center For Innovation

A few weeks ago, the Rêve team had a chance to be inspired by the amazing work being done in Rochester, MN: we visited Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation (CFI) and received a tour of the soon-to-be-opened Well Living Lab. With these initiatives and many others, Mayo continues to innovate to help solve the pressing challenges of today’s healthcare environment.

As a recently returned Minnesotan, I am very proud that Mayo is in our backyard. While I’ve had the chance to work with some of the great healthcare innovators on both coasts of the US over the last 10 years, I’m especially inspired by the work being done at Mayo.

One way that Mayo is promoting innovation in healthcare is to put on the Transform conference, which I was able to attend last month. When I reflect on what is still resonating for me from the conference, I think of three distinct themes:

Bias towards action: There was a lot of evidence of action at this year’s Transform conference: I loved seeing the progress of innovative health care insurance start-up Oscar, who is inventing (and showing early success!) a new kind of insurance company that is truly customer-focused. Additionally, it was inspiring to see BCBS MN partner with Mayo’s transplant team to jointly create an innovative service that helps transplant patients navigate a complicated clinical and financial journey.

Patient-centeredness: Many of today’s innovators are exploring how to bring elements of healthcare closer to patients. MIT is pushing the realm of product innovation closer to patients through its Pop-Up Labs, which allows clinicians to prototype and use their own product ideas to solve problems they see everyday. Latino Health Access, a nonprofit working to combat serious public health problems plaguing a community of uninsured and under-served families, uses a model that leverages the patient’s own community of stakeholders as an extension of the clinical care team, thereby bring care closer to the patient.

Holistic: Much of what I experienced at Transform related to the emotional, relational, and spiritual sides of health. Amit Sood, the Chair of Mayo’s Mind Body Initiative, shared his practice of healthy mindfulness, which can help all of us whether we suffer from diagnosed mental health disorders or if we just want to get more out of our lives and relationships. Marv Seppala, the CMO of Hazelden promoted this idea: what if love and compassion, and all we know about their effects on health, could be just as much a part of the doctor-patient interaction as lab results?

Transform was inspirational to me personally, and these themes resonated with how I view the work we do at Rêve. We strive to provide action-oriented recommendations, we use human-centered approaches, and we work hard to promote healthy relationships within our own team and with our clients.

Ian Campbell
Ian Campbell

As Rêve's Director of Strategy, Ian brings over fifteen years of innovation experience spanning industries and geographies, with a special interest in the medical device industry. In his free time, he can be found spending time with his wife and two kids, fishing on a lake in northern Minnesota, or both!