Designing Employee Experiences to Deliver New Customer Experiences

Developing an empathy-driven EX strategy to advance our client's brand and CX transformation.


Foster enterprise, brand, and CX transformation through employee education, activation, and behavior change.


We developed a cohesive suite of tactics to drive empathy and encourage behaviors in line with the new brand strategy and employee value proposition.

Key Activities


  • Behavior Mapping
  • Campaign Planning


  • Ideation Workshops
  • Wireframing
  • Brand Strategy Integration
  • Channel Strategy


  • Digital Prototyping
  • React/Node Stack
  • Concept Testing


  • Tactic Roll-Out Plan
  • Print-Production
  • Campaign Calendar
  • Executive Socialization Sessions

Key Deliverables


Behaviors Mapped


Campaign Creative Directions


Member Persona Deep Dives


Persona-Driven Immersive Digital Experience


Campaign Tactics


Our healthcare partner was at a strategic crossroad, simultaneously launching a new brand identity in the market and undergoing an enterprise-wide customer experience (CX) transformation. To effectively advance their strategic work to date, we built an employee experience (EX) campaign rooted in behavior design, ensuring buy-in from their most valuable assets: their employees.


Leveraging the Trans-theoretical Model (see Visual 1), we gained new alignment with Brand and CX stakeholder groups and mapped desired behavior changes to activate a more customer-centric culture. With key behaviors identified, we facilitated ideation workshops with the core team to develop concepts, cohesive messaging, and a channel strategy. We then built an ecosystem of tactics, testing, and iterating until we landed on a unified employee experience campaign to drive empathy, solidify a customer-centric mindset, and encourage behaviors reflective of their new brand platform and employee value proposition (EVP).


Also, our team wireframed, prototyped, and developed a persona-driven website tied to essential Voice of Customer (VOC) themes (Visual 2). The experience had to be scalable and engaging, inspiring employees to better meet the needs of the customers they serve. We structured the site to immerse employees in the motivations, pain points, and experience milestones of six personas that collectively represented the more extensive customer base. The site also showcased key CX initiatives already underway to address member needs.

Visual 1: Trans-Theoretical Model (click to enlarge)


Our team worked as an extension of their core team, prompting greater synergy, aligning agendas, and removing silos that could traditionally hinder progress across many departments. Ensuring internal campaign materials and activities reflected external messaging, we were able to increase employee confidence in and expedite the adoption of the new brand platform and CX principles.


Over nine weeks, we created a campaign system (see Visual 2) that revolved around the everyday behaviors big or small that build a customer-centric culture, ultimately making the enterprise transformation more tangible, attainable and ownable for staff.

“It makes me think about the things I can continue to do and start doing, on a daily basis, to motivate myself, my team and my peers to keep our members at the center of everything we do.”



Through interactive activities and immersive experiences (see Visual 3), we helped their employees take ownership, understand how their daily behaviors can make a difference in customers’ lives, and why CX is essential. On an individual level, we empowered each employee to make a difference in the broader transformation.


Together, we identified a success dashboard with key metrics to measure behavior change and map to each tactic across the life of the campaign. Also, we delivered a campaign calendar to provide a roadmap for execution.


The campaign system and artifacts were socialized with senior leadership on Brand, CX, Marketing, and Executive teams, creating excitement and anticipation for launch. Lastly, we partnered with HR to develop a new hire onboarding process to ensure the next generation of employees can represent the brand well and become empathy experts from day one.

Visual 2: Campaign System (click to enlarge)

Visual 3: Member Persona Website (click to enlarge)

“The tactics help me to understand our customers really well. They help me think about where I can fit in their story.”