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Oct 01 Championing Customer Experience

Celebrating the people and organizations that bring great customer experiences to life!

If you are new to CX, here’s a little background:

Customer experience is the positive or negative perceptions and interactions that a customer has while engaging with an organization. CX is pertinent to physical interactions at a doctor’s office or coffee shop or digital shopping on Instagram or a website. However, it’s not just limited to single moments; a consistent and positive experience ideally starts the first time a potential new customer learns about an organization, and every interaction they have as they complete key activities to achieve their intended goal, often called the customer journey.

Ensuring that an excellent customer experience is consistently delivered across all channels is more important than ever. In a 2018 study by Salesforce, 80% of customers said that the experience an organization provides is as important as its products and services1; and another study showed 56% of respondents reporting that the overall enjoyment of the experience of purchasing a product or service was important2. This importance isn’t just perceived; in a Forrester study the annual revenue growth rates for CX leaders are 17%, while CX laggards only saw a 3% increase3.

How do you make CX a priority?

Creating awareness and visibility into your customers’ experience through a journey map is a great start. Ten years into our practice, we find that a journey map is still an invaluable asset to spur CX innovation. As improvements start to take hold and your key customer measures like CSAT and NPS begin to improve, it becomes much easier to show the value of CX and socializing the benefits throughout the company.

One of our clients, who are several years into their CX capability building, started small. Today they are celebrating CX Day across their enterprise, showcasing the work that they are doing to improve their CX across every customer touchpoint and how each part of the organization is playing a role in CX. We’ve helped design this immersive day with them to ensure the event brings all the employees in to see the actual experiences of their customers, the challenges they face, and how they are working to address them with fun and interactive storytelling.

There are other entry points to start building CX awareness and capabilities of your organization. Are you interested in how others are advancing CX? Click here for more CX case studies.



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