Claire Carlson

//  Senior Strategist


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As a Senior Strategist at Rêve, Claire works with clients to co-create strategies and solutions, as well as the processes that bring them to life.

At Rêve, Claire has contributed to a variety of projects in the health care industry including the reimagining of consumer experiences and the development of a playbook and toolkit to foster innovative, consumer-centric cultures. Claire is motivated by the power of new ideas to transform organizations and the people they serve, and has learned to harness this potential through key service design methods including ethnography, ideation, and prototyping.

Claire joined Rêve from Ecolab, where she honed skills in strategic communication and media relations. Claire holds a BA in English and media studies from Saint Olaf College, where she gained valuable perspective on local and global issues through internships and travel abroad.

Claire enjoys learning about the intersection of psychology and culture, and how patterns and stories shape individuals and communities. In her own community, Claire volunteers with Dress for Success, helping to equip women with confidence and skills for successful interviews and employment.

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