Rêve Academy Wins Community Impact Awards 2015

Feb 27 Rêve Academy Receives 2015 Community Impact Award

Ending a great week at Rêve, we’re are excited to share that Rêve Academy has been recognized as a winner of MN Business Magazine’s 2015 Community Impact Awards, after making the shortlist for a second year in a row in the “Youth Initiative” category.

“Four years ago, we started Rêve Academy, with a big dream and an audacious vision for the future,” said Brad von Bank, Rêve’s Co-Founder and Volunteer Executive Director. “It was built on the belief that kids, specifically kids in North Minneapolis, could lead us into the digital future. From a pilot with six students in a conference room two summers ago, it has grown to serve more than two-thousand students. We are grateful to all our partners, and especially appreciative for the leadership of our team, our board and countless volunteers who believe in each and every student and help them dream with direction each and every day.”

Rêve Academy generates a significant amount of its own income through two student-run businesses, Rêve Dev, a marketing agency, and Rêve Retail, where students apply their digital marketing skills towards piloting their own retail experience. Housed in the same building as Rêve Consulting, our team of strategists and service design practitioners have volunteered over 5,ooo hours and contributed over $1M in in-kind value to the development and operations of Rêve Academy’s out-of-school programs.

Katharina Eggers
Katharina Eggers

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